Erik Anello is an American filmmaker.

Laura Green is an American filmmaker.

The FTC Film staff is built of filmmakers from many different backgrounds. Model-makers, VFX artists, composers, cinematographers, editors, sound designers, producers, art directors, etc.


We saw a need for digital publishers to succeed and connect in a market while creating a brand in the online digital space. The only way to do this is by using behavioral data and technological advancements in the field to dictate which stories are worthy of being told- and finding out why.

As filmmakers and storytellers we thought there was a better and more efficient way. A way to let brands tell their stories and connect with people who perhaps don't have overblown marketing budgets. The classical training, the skills, and the drive to make beautiful visuals and craft beautiful stories- which led to FTC Filmmaking. It doesn’t start or end with the shoot. Conceptualization, editing, graphics and color are as important to making project unique as any other aspect, which is why we do it all in house with your brand in mind.

With over 100 years combined in the media field, we know how to tell story, we cut whats won’t work, and we deliver the engaging content.

FTC Films have proven time and time again, with our broad range of clients, that we deliver the highest quality product on time and on budget.



For the Children.